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1 MSC-projects
2 Speed Control Of A Vehicle Using PWM Technique
3 Keypad Based Device Switching
4 SMS Based Train Reservation System
5 Auto Turnoff For Water Pump With Four Hour Different Time Slots
6 Coin Operated Fortune Telling System
7 Digital Dice Using 8051 Micro Controller
8 Token Booking System For Banking Using GSM
9 Rf Controlled Intelligent Robot.
10 Home Security System Using DTMF Decoder And Mcu.
11 Data Acquisition System Using GSM Modem.
12 Wireless Critical Process Control In Oil And Gas Refinery Plants.
13 Gas Leakage Identification & Intimation Of Safety System Over GSM In A Gas Operated Vehicle.
14 DC Motor Speed Control Based On GSM.
15 GSM Based Stepper Motor Control.
16 Radio Frequency Based DC Motor Speed Control.
17 RF Based Stepper Motor Control.
18 Development Of Anti-Rigging Electronic Voting Machine Based On RFID.
19 Personal Computer Controlled Fan And Light.
20 Automatic Door Opening System By Passive Infrared Radiation Sensor.
21 Temperature Based Automatic Control Of Home Appliance (Fans /Ovens/ACs)
22 Manual Traffic Light Control System.
23 Temperature Controlled Fan.
24 Automatic College Bell.
25 Scrolling Message Display System.
26 Industrial Appliances Control Using Rtc.
27 Patients Appointment System.
28 Intelligent Product Package Sorting System In Textile Industries.
29 An Intelligent Technology Enhanced Road Traffic Control System.
30 RS485 Protocol Based Data Communication
31 DTMF Based Stepper Motor Control.
32 Speed And Direction Control Of A DC Motor Using Dual Tone Multi Frequency Technology.
33 Automatic Hand Dryer.
34 Prepaid Energy Meter .
35 Intelligent Letterbox .
36 IR Based Wash Basin/Light Controller.
37 Bank Locker Security System With SMS Alerts.
38 Current Location Tracker.
39 Automatic Escalator.
40 RS485 Based DC Motor Speed Control
41 Password Based Door Locking
42 Automatic Plant Irrigation.
43 Automatic exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection .
44 Automatic Streetlights Switching .
45 Ultrasonic Distance Finder.
46 Automatic Dam Gate Control System With Caution Alarm.
47 Sharp Curves Highway Alert System
48 Infra-Red Remote Based Device Switching.
49 Solar Based Mobile Charger For Rural Areas.
50 Fire Detection With Automatic Water Sprinkler System To Avoid Fire Accidents.