S. No Project Title
1 Programmable Temperature Monitor And Control For Industries.
2 Touch Less Tachometer Meter.
3 Airport Security Luggage Scanner System With Conveyor Belt Arrangement.
4 Innovative Traffic Congestion Control System For Ambulance Using RF Technology.
5 Programmable Notice Board.
6 Pc Based Humidity Monitoring.
7 Automatic Door Opening And Closing Using Ir Sensors
8 Object Flow Counter.
9 Pc Based Single Channel Data Acquisition.
10 Industrial Control System.
11 Display Data On Lcd.
12 Micro Controller Based Claps Switch.
13 Pc Based Stepper Motor Speed Control1.
14 Metal Detection Robot.
15 RF Based Temperature Monitoring.
16 Automatic Humidity Controlling.
17 Scrolling Message Display.
18 Night Lamp With Morning Alarm.
19 Hi-Tech Door Locking System Using Mobile.
20 Automatic Engine Locking System For Drunk And Driver.
21 Super Intelligent Robot(Light & Fire Sensing).
22 Human Detection Robot.
23 Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using RF.
24 Blind Warning System Using Ultrasonic Sensor.
25 Intelligent Street Light Control When Vehicular Passing.
26 Automatic Traffic Light.
27 Smoke Alert System For Industries.
28 Automatic Power Control System Design For Industries.
29 Ldr Based Automatic Lamp Illumination Controller (PWM Control).
30 Password Protected Stepper Motor Controlling System.
31 Automatic Door Opening And Room Miniature Control System Using Ir And Ldr Sensors.
32 Supervising & Mechanization Of Agricultural Field Environment (Temp, Soil).
33 Electrical Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature And Water Level Monitoring.
34 Heat Dependent DC Motor Speed Control Using Integrated Circuit.
35 Key Pad Based Bulb Intensity Control.
36 Proportional I/P Drive For Dual Motor Mobility Control For Patient Operated Powered Wheel Chair.
37 Control Of Powered Wheelchair Mobility With Single Key Drive Assisted Technology.
38 Sensor Less Tracking System For The Solar Panel By Timed Movement
39 Real Time Multitasking Automation System Using Real Time Task Scheduler.
40 Client Server Network Enabled Remote Parameter Monitoring For Home/Factory Automation.
41 Real Time Event Display Infotainment System Controlled From Remote Pc.
42 Automated Real Time Environment Monitoring System.
43 Real Time Event Display System Based On I2c Protocol.
44 Super Sensitive Security Equipment For Home/Industry.
45 Wireless Hand Held Device For Home/Industry Automation.
46 Uart Menu Driven Device Control Industrial Automation.
47 Multi-Axis Joystick Input Controlled DC Motor For Robotics.
48 Ultrasonic Hap-Tic-Vision For Blind People
49 Industrial Security With Alert System Using Temperature Sensor.
50 Specialty I/P Methods For Dual Motor Mobility Control For Patient Operated Powered Wheel Chair.