S. No Project Title
1 Keypad Based Motor Speed And Direction Control System
2 Advanced Home Automation System
3 An Automated Stock Price Delivery System Based On The GSM Short Message Service
4 Remote Notice Board Implementation Using GSM Communication
5 Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll Pass System
6 GSM-Based Wireless Home Appliances Monitoring & Control System
7 DTMF Based Voting Machine
8 A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network And GSM Technology
9 Smart Parking Reservation Using GSM
10 Student No Dues Statement Maintenance System With SMS Request.
11 Remote Weather Monitoring Station Design Using GSM.
12 Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miners Safety Purpose.
13 Wireless Network System For Coal Mines.
14 Wireless Hand-Held Ordering Terminal Based On Embedded System.
15 Home Automation Using Radio Frequency.
16 A Hierarchical Algorithm For Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Using RFID Sensor Fusion
17 RFID Based Bank Security System.
18 RFID Based Automatic Bus Ticketing System.
19 RFID Door Accessing System For Mnc’s.
20 RFID Based Student No Dues Status Checking And Paying System & Displaying
21 An RFID Based Farm House Animal Tracking System
22 Metro Train Real Implementation Of Automated Rail Management
23 E-Library
24 RFID Based Electronic Passport System
25 DTMF Based Industrial Automation
26 Icu Patient Monitoring System With Automatic SMS System Using GSM Wireless Technology
27 DTMF Operated Land Rover Robot.
28 Multi Degree Pick And Place Robot
29 PC Based Robot Vehicle Control
30 Touch Me Not Robot
31 GSM Controlled Based Intelligent Robot
32 Line Following Robot
33 Intelligent Train Tracking System.
34 High Sensitive Ir Based Unmanned Railway Gate Control Using Micro Controller
35 Liquid Level Controller
36 Public Garden Automation
37 Role Of Wireless Sensor Networks In Forest Fire Prevention
38 Security Breach Information For Unauthorized Entry Based On Mobile
39 Secured Wireless Communication For Industrial Automation And Control
40 Greenhouse Monitoring And Controlling System
41 Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter
42 Micro Controller Based Car Parking Monitoring System
43 Electronic Voting Machine
44 Intelligent Robot(Fbi)
45 Motion Detection
46 Remote Control Of Smart Household Based On DTMF.
47 Development Of Gas Leak Detection System
48 Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment For Social Modernization Of Indian Agricultural System
49 Design Of Ultra Low Cost Cellphone Based Embedded System For Irrigation
50 Research On The Method Of Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Robot